Heat Wave lineup to include Bruce Cockburn, Shred Kelly, Delhi 2 Dublin and more

Heatwave_colour.jpgWith support from the federal government of Canada, the Prince George Folkfest Society is presenting Heat Wave, a free, 8-day musical celebration of Canada featuring some of our favourite artists from Coldsnap’s past.

The events are free to attend and will be taking place in the Canada Games Plaza.

More artist to be announced soon.

July 1                     7-10:30pm           TBA, Andino Suns, Delhi 2 Dublin

July 2                     12-1pm                 TBA

July 2                     7-10:30pm           Saltwater Hank and Amy Blanding, Don Amero, TBA

July 3                     12-1pm                 TBA

July 3                     7-10:30pm           The Statistics, Linda McRae, Shred Kelly

July 4                     12-1pm                 TBA

July 4                     7-10:30pm           TBA, Red Moon Road, April Verch Trio

July 5                     12-1pm                 TBA

July 5                     7-10:30pm           TBA, Scarlett Jane, Bruce Cockburn

July 6                     12-1pm                 TBA

July 6                     7-10:30pm           Jack Van Somer, Rachelle Van Zanten, Cécile Doo-Kingué

July 7                     10am-3pm           BMO KidzArt Dayz featuring Charlotte & Matt Diamond

July 8                     10am-3pm           BMO KidzArt Dayz featuring Charlotte & Matt Diamond

July 8                     7-10:30pm           Kym Gouchie and friends, Donné Roberts Band, The Paperboys