Playhouse Lobby

Coldsnap is entirely run by volunteers.

At the moment some key manager roles need to be filled. This is an excellent way to contribute to the community and gain valuable skills. Manager positions needed include sponsorship, publicity, and workshop coordination.

Other volunteer roles include:

  • Ticket sales
  • Merchandise sales (CD’s, etc)
  • Raffle/Silent Auction
  • Sponsorship package sales
  • Fundraising
  • Promotions
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Photographer
  • Poster designing and printing
  • Green Room – Performer Hospitality
  • Performer Transportation
  • Security
  • Production– stage hands, back lines
  • Volunteer Party
  • Performer meals
  • Tech support
  • Bartender
  • ???

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer form below. (If you do not see the form, pleaseĀ click here).