Thursday, February 1: Hot Time In the Old Town

Crowmarsh, Kiera Dall’Osto, The Alkemist, Andrew Twining with Britt A.M.

The Royal Canadian Legion, 7:00 pm 

Tickets by donation, available at the door.


Crowmarsh is a power-trio blues rock band based out of Prince George, B.C. Founded in 2016 by the man behind the guitar, Karl Wyssen, the band blends classic blues with more experimental vibes throughout their music. Karl is backed by Andrew Green, the funky thumper behind the bass, and Justin Gendreau, the awe inspiring/jaw dropping rhythmist behind the drums. These guys can bring the perfect energy to any occasion.

Kiera Dall’Osto

The magnetism of Kiera Dall’Osto’s voice evokes comparison to the rugged, under-appreciated Karen Dalton, with the achiness of country soul sisters Jeanie C. Riley and Sammi Smith. The culmination of years of song writing, pinpointing her to a genre is no easy task. Whether one settles on honky-tonk, Americana, folk, soulful psychedelia, or just straight up Rock’n’Roll, what is not up for debate is Kiera’s ability as a songwriter and artist. Kiera will be accompanied by two of Prince George’s dearest musicians, Jeremy Pahl (Saltwater Hank) on banjo and mandolin and Brin Porter (Party on High Street) on upright bass. The show will be a return to the southern folk and country roots which has always been the engine that drives Kiera Dall’Osto’s music.

The Alkemist

The Alkemist is a one man music machine from Fort Fraser, BC. Playing a variety of different instruments such as guitar, banjo, fiddle or flute and keeping rhythm with kick drum, crash cymbal and a bone rattle boot, The Alkemist weaves dark and enchanting instrumental soundscapes with high energy, fist pumpin’ boot stompers!


 Andrew Twining with Britt A.M.

Taking refuge with his guitar, a handheld tape recorder and a collection of old LPs, Andrew’s song-writing journey stems from the most vintage of musical idioms: rock and roll, rhythm and blues, soul, and southern groove. His current musical journey is with Vancouver blues-based rock and roll band Damn Fools, but Andrew is a PG Resident for at least as long as he is pursuing studies at UNBC. Equipped with his dreadnought guitar and joined by talented Britt A.M., Andrew will play new and old Damn Fools
songs, stripped down to their rawest form at Coldsnap 2018.

Tickets by donation at the door.