January 28: The Beatbox Goes On

The Racket, Hachey the MouthPEACE, and  Jack Van Somer

ArtSpace, 7:30 pm

Tickets: $30 + GST in advance, $35 at the door

The Racket

Raised in the rich festival scene of Northern B.C., the Racket know how to get a dance floor (or dirt field) grooving, as well as satisfying more intimate settings with an acoustic set. You can expect tight n’ funky grooves, slow n’ steady blues, and the driving force of stomp-folk with a theme of social change.

Website: theracketofficial.ca

Press: web form

Hachey the MouthPEACE

Hachey the mouthPEACE, based out of Hamilton, ON, has a mind-blowing beatbox set. Technically, Jason Hachey is a beatboxer. However, what he does is so much more: he records, loops, and creates beats as he beatboxes – in essence creating original songs each time he performs.

Website: hacheythemouthpeace.bandcamp.com

Jack Van Somer

This Prince George resident is a man of many talents – singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays guitars, drums, and keyboards. He incorporates a blend of rock, country and alternative styles in his music. He has been backing up other performers for the past 10 years or so and although often performing now as a solo, he has pulled together a couple of friends for this special Coldsnap performance!

Website: facebook.com/jackvansomer

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