Rosewood’s Diary

Rosewood's Diary

Playing: Sunday January 26, 7:30 pm at the Prince George Playhouse (with Red Moon Road and Catherine MacLellan)
Sponsor: Open
Sample Songs: “My Shallow Grave”

“Red Kite”


Back by popular demand, it’s the return of Rosewood’s Diary. Since playing Coldsnap 2013 they’ve been playing new shows, working on new songs, and becoming the musical voice of CBC Daybreak North (an instrumental mix of their song “Hey Shame” was chosen as the program’s new theme song.)

From Vanderhoof, BC, their music reflects the sound of the local landscape- mixes of beauty, thoughtfulness and even at times sorrow. Their folk rock sounds are crafted together with the help of acoustic noises from the accordion to the ukulele (and if you listen close, you may hear the plunking of a banjo in the background). So feel free to pour yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy the comfort this band will have for your ears and hopefully the heart.


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