Miss Quincy & The Showdown

Miss Quincy and the Showdown

Playing: Saturday January 25, 7:30 pm at the Ramada Ballroom with the Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer and David Baycroft)

Sponsor: Open

Sample Song: “Love Me Like the Devil Does”


“Bad Love”


Miss Quincy has recorded 3 full length albums and spent 5 years touring non-stop across Canada and Europe.  Her current project is Miss Quincy & The Showdown, an all-girl dirty blues and rock n’ roll band based out of Vancouver, BC.

Many musicians claim to be road tested, but Miss Quincy & The Showdown actually are — I’m talking 2 years, 200 shows, 15 festivals, 7 countries, and over 100,000kms in a mini van.  The band has a rockin’ new record produced by Matt Rogers from The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer that will be released in the spring of 2014.  Past show highlights include: playing North Country Fair, South Country Fair, Trout Forest Music Festival, and backing up C.R. Avery at Interstellar Rodeo.

Miss Quincy & The Showdown have been described as Joan Jett and the early Stones spending the night together in a Tarantino movie.  Miss Quincy doesn’t fit the classic girl singer/songwriter mold and The Showdown isn’t your average all-girl band. You won’t find them singing pretty pages out of their diaries, instead you’ll find them starting a party everywhere they play by getting down and rocking out with raunchy roots & blues and straight up rock n’ roll.

More: missquincy.net

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