Barefoot Caravan

Playing: Coldsnap After-Party (for sponsors and volunteers only)

Sample Song:



Knowledge of the Arts does not belong only to the nation from which it came, it belongs to us all.

Barefoot Caravan believes in the influence that music has towards creating unity.

Music and the arts are a gateway to knowing ourselves; a window to the soul. To know ourselves is why music is so important in the world today. This is the intention the group plays with.

Barefoot Caravan is a five piece that performs indigenous songs in various languages that represent the people of the world. They combine these traditional songs and chants with upbeat rhythms and three part harmonies. As well, they write and perform original music.

The Caravan is based in BC’s Okanagan. They travel the province, performing on outdoor stages and at festivals in the summertime. In the winter they perform at house concerts, carnivals and in schools for BC artists in residency programs.

They are a group who truly shares the greater goal of re-connecting us all to the world we live in together.

Each song brings new musical roots to experience, as well as the cultural origins from which the songs were born.


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